Thursday, 25 October 2012

Picks of the Week...

I really don't understand how it has been possible that the past week has flown by so ridiculously quickly - I cannot believe I'm driving back home again tomorrow, it doesn't seem like 2 minutes since I've got back. Saying that though, it's been a pretty ace week and I thought I'd show you my faves in a few pictures...

Firstly, I had a ridiculous amount of baby snuggles with this little cutie as she was the grizzliest thing ever and would not go to sleep. Therefore me and Mum decided to terrorise her and dress her up as a bear and take a ridiculous amount of pictures thus exhausting her and her falling asleep. My phone is literally full of pictures of Lib, I could fill 100 albums in the next month at this rate!

The Christmas trees HAD to be included as a pick of the week. I bloody love Christmas. When the first of December arrives you will find me in bed in my Christmas pyjamas watching Elf. Every year, standard. I don't care that it is only October - there is 8 weeks and 5 days until the day itself (not that I'm counting). Yayyy. So you can imagine my excitement when work got me to put all the Christmas trees together and sort out all the decorations. IN MY ELEMENT! 

And another enjoyable part of work - it is now actually warm in the building. I love winter when I can snuggle up in my cosy jumpers and drink tea and be all snuggly when it's crappy outside - I do not however love winter when I'm at work in a 7th century building, wearing a skirt and a short sleeved shirt. But yay for a big log burning fire, it's looks so lovely and wintery. I love it.

One of the nights out this week I managed to whack out my beaut rose dress from Topshop. I've worn it loads since i've bought it but always just thrown on with leggings or tights with flats for uni so I've been determined to dress it up. Teamed with my JC's it was perfect for my night in Bedford place, plus with the belt my waist looks tiny! Which is always good!

No we didn't get the week wrong! My friend had an early halloween party last night and considering I wasn't going until about an hour before I was pretty impressed with my thrown together catwoman outfit. Cardboard coloured in with a sharpie created the ears, a felt tail stuck together with safety pins, some disco pants, and a black top. Boom. Done. Now I've just got to be a little more organised when it comes to the real deal next week - I'm not sure this will quite suffice.

And finally my beautiful new glasses. Man I adore them so so much. I hated paying £93 for a pair of glasses, but I'm so damn picky I wanted a pair that I won't actually moan about having to wear and are much more fashionable than my last pair. The geek chic look seems to be in at the moment so these Karen Millen beauties caught my eye straight away. 

P.S - New jumper from New Look, I caved. 

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