Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Beauty of Louise...

I've seen this 'Beauty of Louise' competition on a few blogs that I follow, and as a huge fan of I had to give it a go. I love it when blogs do giveaways for their readers, and I definitely plan on doing one sometime in the near future, possibly when I reach 100 followers... But this task comprises of blogging your Feel Unique wishlist totalling up to £80 - if your entry is drawn from the rafflecopter then you win the £80 voucher! Pretty brilliant prize, I'm sure you will all agree. So without further ado, here is my wishlist...

Top Left to Bottom Right:

I'm sure if you've read my blog before you will know that I'm always moaning about my hair not growing. I'm currently trying the Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo, conditioner and treatment (read about here), but I've read great things about this 3 more inches treatment. The treatment contains naturally derived cashmere proteins with a blend of conditioning agents which penetrate deep into the hair shaft repairing broken bonds and protecting the hair from further disintegration. The treatment slows down the ageing process keeping your hair healthy, helping it to grow longer before it dries out. It's also said to help your hair hold it's colour for longer - as a red/purple/pink head this is exactly what I need!

I absolutely swear by this Elizabeth Arden powder. It should be applied on top of the the Elizabeth Arden intervene serum (available here) and makes my skin look absolutely flawless. I find it difficult to get high street foundation to match my skin, it always looks too orange on my pale skin and liquid foundation clogs up my pores too much and really irritates my skin. This powder really does wonders, however only lasts me a month, maximum which as you can imagine is a little expensive - I need to find a way to win a years supply. My beauty must have!

Cocoa butter is my absolute favourite moisturiser, so cheap as well there really is no other alternative. This formula stick is ideal for the winter which causes havoc for my skin and lips. I have to wear lip balm all the time to prevent my lips from chapping and this stuff makes them ridiculously soft, here's hoping it does the same to my skin!

And lastly, my favourite type of make up in existence - a good old bit of lippy. I'm a little bit obsessed with the stuff. Red in particular. Matte, glossy, bright, dark all of it, I adore it. I love trying new things and so this gloss stick looks really exciting. The red mauve shade is right up my street, I need it in my life!

Hope you like my finds girls, and you have to give this competition a go - you've got nothing to lose, but a pretty ace prize to gain! Enjoy...


  1. I love the YSL lip stain, really want one!! :)


  2. very good post! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  3. It looks lovely doesn't it, and I think it will have really good staying power as a stain. I'll do a review when I treat myself to it!