Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Midi Dress...

I've been pondering getting a midi dress for a while now but I had a few reservations. I'm not the tallest of people at 5ft5 and a dress of this length I feared would completely cut me off and make me look even shorter than I am! However the end result appeared quite the opposite, I adore it! Midi dresses will definitely be making a more frequent appearance in my wardrobe!

Dress - Boohoo, £15
Shoes - eBay

I posted this on my dress wish list last week and I just had to get it, such a good price I couldn't really afford not to.

The length I actually love! It's pretty long for a midi, others I've looked at have been just below the knee but this one stretches just that little bit further. With heels I think it looks pretty fierce, flats not so much but somehow it still works - will be perfect with my leather jacket and studded shoes!

The print is ace. Skulls are always a must in my wardrobe, love them so obviously this dress stuck out for me straight away! It looks grey on the website but is actually white when it arrives which I definitely prefer! The fit is incredible, it is lovely and fitted but not clingy, which is frequently a problem with bodycon dresses!

It hasn't been through the washing machine yet so I'm not sure how well the shape will hold after that, but at £15 (13.50) with student discount it doesn't really matter! Definitely rate this dress highly and midis in general have now opened up a whole new shopping area for me. Not entirely sure if that's a good thing or not...


  1. Really pretty!

    I can't find a midi-dress that suits me at all! I just think they all make me look short and frumpy :(, haha!

    This is lovely on you though.

  2. This dress is sooo nice - I love Midi dresses :)

  3. You are absolutely gorgeous , that dress looks amazing on you x

  4. Absolutely love this dress!!
    Need this in my life
    S xx

  5. Thanks girls!

    Get to Boohoo now, all dresses are 15% off!

    Enjoy xxx

  6. Love this dress so much, you look amazing!
    Great bargain :)

    Jo xx