Thursday, 8 November 2012

Cut Outs and Cable Knit...

I'm completely procrastinating from tidying my absolute bombsite of a bedroom so thought I'd do a WIWT post, as it's been an absolute age since my last one and I kinda miss it. Plus I've actually got out of bed today and put something other on than jeans and a t shirt so seems ideal.

Dress - Topshop, £26 (Available Online Now)
Belt - Primark, £2.50 (Available In-Store Now)
Glasses - Karen Millen at Specsavers, £125 (Available Online Now)
Cable Knit Leggings - Primark, £6 (Available In-Store Now)
Tassled Boots - eBay, £10.16 (Available Now)

I bought this dress a while ago and this is the first time I've actually managed to wear it without thinking I might freeze upon leaving the house. I love cut out backs, so this is right up my street and the colour is my fave - coincidentally matching my hair. I don't usually go for skater style dresses as I don't think they are massively flattering on me, but this dress is so cute, and when it's teamed up with a waist belt I really like it. The only problem I had is that the normal one is quite long and as I have a small waist it comes up huge so I had to go for a size 4 petite, which in no other item of clothing would I fit in - but just a heads up that if you're wanting to get your hands on this dress, then definitely go a size smaller than usual for the perfect fit. 

I have a ridiculous amount of waist belts but somehow I've found that I don't actually have a black and gold one so at £2.50 I can't really go wrong with this one. It's the perfect width, and actually has enough holes to fit round my waist which is usually pretty hard to find in Primark, so I was really chuffed with this little bargain. 

I'm literally in love with my glasses, I adore the whole geek chic look that's going on at the moment, and I never seem to take these off. I only actually need them for computer work, reading, and driving but I'm still in my element with them so I'm wearing them pretty much everywhere. They seem to frame my face a bit, and as I don't wear a lot of make up in the day they just accentuate my eyes a little more, which is always good!

The cable knit leggings were a must in this horrible weather, lovely and cosy and easy to throw on with pretty much anything, including these lovely tassled boots. They were such a bargain from eBay and so comfy, but the material that they are means that they pick up all the fluff from everything which is so difficult to clean off. Other than that though I love them. I was lusting after a beige pair in H&M but they sold out so quick, these were the next best option - I feel they will get a fair bit of wear this summer.


  1. You're so tiny - you look gorgeous :)

    May be popping down to Southampton again soon :)


  2. It's just my waist, it looks tiny with that belt on lol. Thank you.

    Ah did you enjoy it last time? xxx

  3. Wow this is a gorgeous dress, might have to steal your style :P

    Will deffo be giving you a follow xx

  4. Thank you very much, it's really like material so is dead comfortable to wear too which is always good. I've just followed you hun xxx