Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pick of the Week...

I spotted on Facebook earlier an image my friend liked on Instagram - a beautiful floral dress with a completely contrasting skull etched into the back. I loved it. As we all know I do enjoy the odd skull or two when it comes to clothing, and I definitely enjoy spending the small amount of spare wages I have at the end of the month on clothes I don't necessarily need. But anyway, this led me to do a bit of research; thus discovering 'Market HQ'.

Market HQ is an Australian clothing company, stocking brands such as BamBam, House of Harlow, MinkPink and StyleStalker. They have some absolutely beautiful and really unique items of clothing and I can just tell that a lot of my Christmas list is going to come from this bad boy site. Dresses start from around $49 AUD (£31.99), to $229 AUD (£149.51), shorts $19 AUD (£12.40), to $139 AUD (£90.75), and tops from $24 AUD (£15.67), to $129 AUD (£84.22).

International shipping is free when you spend over $150 AUD (£97.93) which definitely won't be difficult with all the beautiful items on offer! So I shall leave you with a few of my favourites and you can see for yourself...

From Top Left to Bottom Right: 

I love the quirky prints on both the 'Enchantress Dress' and the 'Follow the Sun' skirt. A little bit different to the standard pastel colours and block prints about at the moment. Bodycon clothes are my favourite, they just fit my figure lovely so these two items are probably my favourite clothing wise - I'd certainly wear them a lot! At first when I saw this 'Bunny Skirt' i thought it was a pair of studded shorts, but no. I think it is so frickin cool. Quite an odd shape for a skirt and I really like that, a little pricey though but none the less totally awesome! Obviously the skull/floral dress is the whole reason I wrote this post so I do adore it, I think with studded biker boots it could look really cool but still remotely feminine.

I love rings, especially big bulky ones. I'm not a huge jewellery fan, so rings are about the only thing I wear and I really need to add some silver ones to my collection! The skull bag is clearly going to be my absolute favourite. I've been looking for a good backpack for a while and haven't really found one that's taken my fancy until this cheeky little one cropped up. It's only £30 so not too bad - standard price you would pay for a Topshop one, if not even a little cheaper! The sandals are just cute, and mint is one of my favourite colours, with the flooding and horrifically cold weather I'm not entirely sure they are a necessary purchase right now - regardless they are still lovely!

The skirt I've already mentioned above. This 'Mirror Mirror' dress just reminds me of the styles that River Island stock. Monochrome is pretty huge right now and rose gold is frequent within my jewellery collection so I'd have plenty to match up with it. Again a nice figure hugging dress, clearly a winner. And lastly the shorts - dip dye, always good; distressed denim, always good; high waist, always good. Just a standard incredible pair of shorts!

Hope you liked my picks girls, what are your faves, and has anyone actually purchased anything from Marker HQ before? Let me know what you think...


  1. Wow that first dress is amazing, will definitely check out the website x

  2. Their stuff is so so nice, my finances need to sort themselves out so I can afford at least 3 items! haha xxx

  3. I'd never heard of this brand before - really loving the rucksack - I am always a bit reluctant to purchase from far away though haha!

    Lovely blog - new follower x

  4. Hi dear! Nice space!
    I follow your blog,! Hope you do the same :-)