Thursday, 1 November 2012

We Love Halloween...

I absolutely love Halloween. Aside from Christmas I think it is probably my favourite time of the year. Any excuse to dress up and I am there - I love love LOVE fancy dress! My housemate Chanel always goes full out for any fancy dress occasion, so we had heaps of fun DIYing our outfits for this years Whammed bar crawl at uni. 

Louise: Rag Doll
Chanel: Incy Wincy Spider

The aim was to do our outfits for £20 and we were pretty much bang on. Mine is a dress on offer in the kids section in Internacionale for £12, a white tutu skirt £5 from a little cheapy shop in my local shopping centre, stocking tights and a belt which I already had, the bows are hair clips for £2.50 from Primark, and the teddy which I cruelly decapitated was £1.99 from Card Factory. 

Chanel's outfit comprised of stuffed tights, covered in fur and attached onto a plain black top - also covered in fur. A pair of plain leggings which she put together with some plain black trainers and some black gloves, you guessed it, covered in fur! Safe to say she was lovely and toasty when we were all freezing our arses off in the queues. 

Chanel is absolutely ace at face painting - she always does really out there fancy dress outfits like Avatar, or Rafiki, or possibly the most horrendous clown I've ever seen in my life. (I'll post the pictures at the end) But to create my dolly look I applied false eyelashes on both my upper and lower lashes, lipstick as blusher, bright red heart shaped lippy and a few stitches using liquid eyeliner and some fake blood.

Chanel used black face paint everywhere (including all over my carpet), white face paint for the eyes with red lipstick for the veins. It's difficult to tell in this picture but she applied false lashes to her eyebrows to top off the eye ball, and she used red gems fixed on with eyelash glue on her lips with a bit of fake blood dripping down.

I think the actual preparation of the night might have been more fun that the actual night itself, quite often the way. But we had a great laugh, and got a few brilliant pictures which will look ace on my uni wall! And the next fancy dress is right round the corner in the form of Carnage next week. Cannot wait...

Costume artist in the making for sure!!!

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