Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas Goodies...

I've seen a few of these Christmas present posts around so I thought I'd do one myself. For some reason my family seem to think I'm really difficult to buy for. I on the other hand, think that I am possibly one of the most easy people in the world to buy for. Perfume, smellies, underwear, make up, jewellery, clothes - love it all, what's hard about that. However, as I didn't give my family anything specific as to what I wanted, I think they did pretty damn well...

A Serious Array of Chocolate
Microwaveable Slippers (Best invention ever)
Travel Jewellery Box
Bagpuss Hottie
The Body Shop Mango Collection
Selection of Socks
Armani Diamonds Perfume
Liz Earle Cleanser Set
Hangover Sweets
Marc Jacobs Daisy Mini Set
Ear Muffs

So many goodies! In addition to this, Momma bought me the cutest ceramic flask to put tea in for my journeys to work (which I then left at work, hence it's absence in this picture), and she is taking me to the Harry Potter studios. Yayyyyyyyyy! Too much love right there.

But in a very quick breakdown, as I am exhausted and have work at 7am tomorrow: chocolate - standard, my favourites, it's not Christmas without chocolate. I always complain about my feet being cold, literally all the time, so microwaveable slippers just had to happen - love them, though the recommended time of 2 minutes is too long as I burnt my toes the first time I used them. Ouchy. This cute little jewellery box is exactly what I need for transporting my beauties between Southampton and Kettering. They currently reside in a little gift bag so this is just what I need, it's like my Auntie is a mind reader! Bagpuss hottie - again, incredible. This cuddly little thing has not left my bed since I got him, keeps me nice and cosy and warm and I absolutely adore him. Hands down, best present this year!

I LOVE THE BODY SHOP. If you haven't already figured that out by the various review posts and my tweets (if you follow me) then I'm telling you now, it's my go to for gorgeous smellies. I usually have the papaya, but now that appears to be discontinued Mum opted for Mango as a replacement, and I can tell you now it smells incredible. This will all definitely have to be repurchased when I finish it. Yum! The socks - same explanation as the microwaveable slippers, god damn cold feet, plus you can never have too many pairs of socks! Armani diamonds is my signature daytime smell. It's so subtle and easy to wear I love it, just as I've ran out of my old bottle too, perfect timing. Liz Earle - a skincare must have. Everyone raves about how incredible it is, so now I get to try for myself!

Mum thinks that she is hilarious with these hangover sweets. After all the horrendous hours I've been working I haven't had a chance to have to need them yet - though after the staff party I'm sure I'll be popping  a few, I'll let you know of the effects! The one thing I did suggest to my Nan was to get me a new perfume. I tend to alternate between Diamonds and Diesel Loverdose so I wanted to try something new. She got it spot on with this one. It's a lovely little tester size, and a refillable handbag tube - ideal for throwing in my handbag. Perfect, thank you Nan. She also got me a gorgeous deep burgundy Estee Lauder lipstick which is in the depths of my handbag for emergency usage (she knows me much too well!) And the ear muffs, perfect winter wear for this hideous weather.

What did all you lovely ladies get for Christmas?

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