Sunday, 30 December 2012

Picks of 2012...

It's been a weird year, 2012. I've been through some things that I never want to have to experience ever again in my life, and I've done things which I want to do a million times over. I've met some incredible people who I've grown to love to pieces, and unfortunately drifted away from others. I've welcomed my gorgeous baby sister into the world, and celebrated my Nan's 70th birthday - both on the same day. I've written off my first car, and had my first girls holiday. All in all when I look back on it, it's been a pretty good year. It may not have seemed it at some points, but they good just slightly outweighs the bad, and a lot of that is down to my beautiful little Libby - she won't ever know how happy she made me at such a crappy time and I love her to bits (she features quite heavily in this montage).

So as I've done 'Picks of the Week' posts before and told you all about my favourite product, or new favourite store that I've found, I thought I'd show you my favourite bits of 2012. It's not often I don't have a camera to hand so the majority of memories that I wanted to share are here. I've left out the bad, cus lets face it who wants to relive the bad times - so enjoy. And I hope my fellow bloggers/readers do some of these posts as I love looking through pictures, but anyway here we go...

My new job at the Talbot/Trip to Alton Towers/First meal at Wagamamas/New Tattoo/Mum going into Labour/Michael McIntyre Tour/Libby Born/Meeting the Cast of Ghost the Musical at my First Blogging Event/Champagne for my 20th/First Roast in our New House/Drinking out of a Sandcastle Bucket/One of Many Fancy Dress Nights with Chanel/Moving to my New House/First Girls Holiday/Interviewing Matt Dawson for Sodexo Magazine/My First Crabbing Trip/The Fair with the Girls/3rd Year Freshers/Dressing Libby up as Minnie Mouse/Our Sister Christmas Card/Buying my First Onesie/Chanel's 20th/Getting Libby to Pout/Mum's 1st Scan/Christmas Carnage.


  1. Love your pictures Lou, your sister is a little beauty! I have a baby sister too :) too cute! Good luck for 2013 :) x

    1. Awh thank you, she is a little cutie! And you hun, hope it's a good un xxx