Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pick of the Week...

Browsing through some new blogs I've been recommended and people who have recently found my blog through twitter, I came across Gemma at What's In Her Wardrobe. Her recent WIWT post featured a cross hand harness which I absolutely adored. So when I saw it was from Kukee, a site I'd never heard of, I HAD to investigate! 

How the hell have I not heard of this site before, it is incredible! Such cute jewellery, and at such ridiculously cheap prices - I literally want the whole store! Kukee is a UK ran business with jewellery starting at £1, and free worldwide shipping on orders over £40 - that's a hell of a lot of jewellery! But for those of you not wanting to splash out quite so much, shipping is extremely reasonable at £2.20, and dispatches within a day.

The last day to order for Christmas delivery is 10th December, so check out the website now for some unique and quirky pieces - perfect for stocking fillers, or just a little treat for yourself! Follow on Twitter and/or Facebook for discounts and competitions. So for now, I shall leave you with some of my favourites. So if you're reading this Mum, 10th December... 

                                                       Multi Spike Fringe Necklace - £5

I love all these big statement necklaces and collars at the moment. I've got myself a cute pearl collar, but all the silver ones I've been looking at recently seem to just have way too much crystals/diamonds/cheap looking bling on - so not up my street. This filigree one is so delicate but still a big enough statement to accessorize up a blank top. The multi spike one has got to be my ultimate fave! I've been after one for ages, and this bad boy is only £5 - hell yeah! Get in my life right now!

This cube ring is just ace! I haven't seen one like this before, so I like that it's a little different and out there. Though I'm not sure how comfortable it would be, I kind of think it would get a little bit in the way, but it's so cool I'm not really sure that I care. Double rings are my absolute favourite, they're just so cool, I have so so many, but I definitely need these cross ones too. And the hand harness. Man I love the hand harness. I was after all the reason I wrote this post. Crosses are such a huge trend at the moment, as are hand harnesses, so it seems like a necessity really, when you think about it like that. 

I love this aztec bangle. Mainly because it is in rose gold. Rose gold is my favourite! My Michael Kors rose gold watch is the love of my life, so I think some more jewellery in this shade could only be a welcome addition. Its very simple and understated so could be mixed up with some other bracelets for a night out, or just left on its own. 

So I need every single one of these ear cuffs finished above. I have 4 already from topshop, but in the style that attach onto the ear piercing itself. These on the other hand are completely new to me and I adore them. I especially love the feather ones with the coloured stones in. £1.50. That's it. At £1.50 I could afford a draw full of these - erm yes please! And lastly, these slightly weird, but totally cool, creepy hand earrings. I just want them cus they are so completely odd. I'm not a huge fan of silver jewellery, but this bronze earring is so my kind of style. Love it!

Have any of you girls ever purchased from Kukee before? What were your faves?


  1. Love the post! Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog :-) my favourite is definitely the hand harness but I am also loving the spiked necklace too. Xx

  2. Thanks for the love hon, about the jeggings on my blog, I got them from

  3. The cube ring is so cool! never seen anything like it! and the spiked necklace is gorgeous! xx