Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Colour Popping...

So yesterday I went into Topshop with the full intention of getting something for my little sisters Christening next month, I knew exactly the sort of thing I was looking for - but to no avail. I might have accidentally picked up a dress to go out in tonight, oops, but this caught my eye on the way out and I literally have not been able to stop thinking about it; it needs to be in my life! I've got such a thing for playsuits, and dogtooth is such a big trend this season that it would be a welcome addition to my ever expanding wardrobe. It's a shame it's just that little bit too short for a Christening, I'm not sure a priest would appreciate this amount of leg in church. Humph.

However, I am going to need to buy this for a night out in the near future, and I think the material allows it to be worn in more formal situations also so it could end up being a rather versatile piece. I've seen a lot of 'Style Me Up' pieces so I thought I'd give this one a go. I hate sticking to the plain and simple so colour pop it is...

Usually when I see dogtooth teamed up with a colour, it is red. Red shoes, red clutch, red lippy - in my opinion, that is much too bold. Blue is so much more up my street, and this shade of blue in particular is stunning - I want this whole outfit now. Damn all this blogging, it really is not good on my bank balance!

I've included the hair donut, as with a high neck playsuit I don't like wearing my hair down so this is the perfect easy hair up. Hair donut's are so easy and this donut in particular is so large that it gives a really high bold bun (see post here). With hair ups I'm a little funny about my ears being out so dangly earrings are a must. These are subtle and understated which is perfect, I don't want to go over the top as there is already a lot going on with the bold colouring. Again, just a simple ring - I always have to wear a ring on a night out, I don't tend to wear any other jewellery but a ring is just easy and looks as if you've made a little effort with accessorising.

So the shoes. Oh the shoes. I don't tend to go for 'heels' as such anymore. I'm so much more a wedge, or Jeffrey Campbell kind of girl, so much so that I'm not even sure if my feet could handle proper heels again. However, these bad boys are the perfect colour, and they're £12. Yes that's right, £12! Boohoo actually do have some ace shoes, at incredible prices - why have I not discovered this sooner!? To tie the shoes in with the outfit a belt was definitely needed. If you read my blog you will know I have a thing with having to have my waist cinched in and the cold twist detail on this belt also ties all the jewellery in. A coloured belt is definitely something I need in my collection of otherwise rather plain ones. The £22 price tag is a little disappointing, as I am used to primark prices for belts, but I feel this could be a worthwhile investment.

And how cute is this bag!?! Urban Outfitters always deliver on accessories, but usually I just feel they are a little overpriced for what they are, however this is my best bargain find of the week! I love the tassling on the side and the studs just make it a little more interesting than if it were plain black. I felt the need to keep it pretty simple as I think there is enough going on with the colour, so black is ideal.

So there you have it, my first 'Style Me Up' piece, and I've convinced myself I need every item on this post. Why do I keep doing this to myself!? What do you think? Would you have done the same, or would you have gone for a completely different look?


  1. I am loving the 'Puppytooth' Playsuit darling, this would look great with either heels or flats!

    Eda ♥

    1. It's lovely isn't it. Really versatile, but I like that it is a little more formal xxx