Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Dreams and Aspirations...

As I was a good girl last night and opted to work instead of go out and drink my body weight in fluid (which I actually had an ace time doing), unlike the majority of the rest of the globe I have spent today with no hangover, and actually in a very productive mood - hence this second blog post of the day!

I wanted to do something a little different to my usual fashion or beauty post and speak about my dreams and aspirations for this coming year and the future in general. It's got to that point where I am beginning to realise that I have got about 4 months left of university, and then I have to make a plan with what to do with the rest of my life!

I went to uni with the standard fashion journo dream of working as a writer for Vogue in London. Right now, I couldn't think of anything I would like to do less than that. Vogue - no. I don't even enjoy reading that now, which I'm sure as a fashion journalist is probably a crime to say, but I'm so much more of an ELLE and a Company girl! The dream now, eventually to become a columnist in the beautiful city that is New York. All a bit Sex and the City I know, but what's the point of having a 'dream' if it's something that is going to be easy to achieve? Where is the fun in that!?

But for now I'm going to focus all my efforts of graduating uni with a 2:1; that I can achieve, and I will work my arse off to make that happen! If anyone reading this has any ideas on how to get shops to lend me wedding gowns for a photo shoot give me a heads up - that will help massively! And in my job, I'm moving down to be the new Talbot bar lady at weekends which will be fun; the boys definitely need someone to keep them in check and clean and tidy on that bar. 

So that's that for the career and uni and the important grown up stuff, so love. I'm making no plans or resolutions for falling in love this year. I always think ah maybe this year I'll find a nice guy, or I'll meet someone here, but for this year I reckon I'm just going to push it all to the back of my mind. They say that something comes about when you stop looking for it, and everything happens for a reason doesn't it, so if someone turns up; awesome - if not I've got a hell of a lot to look forward to this year anyway! 2013 you're going to be a good one for me, I can feel it in my bones.

I'll rent my own house, graduate uni, have my sister's christening, turn 21 years of age, and in true Louise style spend much too much money on clothes and shoes that I don't really need, change my hair colour a minimum of 3 times, and get drunk more often than I probably should. That's all for certain. But as far as resolutions go, I'm not going to do a standard 'lose weight' or 'save money' kind of resolution. Instead I resolute (is that a word) to laugh a lot, take every opportunity that comes my way, and if it doesn't go the way I want, to learn from my mistakes. You're only young once, and you'll never get the chance to relive your life, so I plan to just do what makes me happy and screw what others think. That's my aim. Bring it on.

First Picture of 2013

Sorry about it's slight unrelated nature to this post, but I hate posting without images, it just looks so boring!
So here is a picture of me managing to remain upright on a trip to Beckworth Emporium with my sister. Lovely :) 


  1. Have you tried asking charity shops to lend you wedding dresses? I'm sure if you asked nicely and made a donation they'd jump at the chance! I know they probably won't be the couture stunning dresses you'd imagine but there may be some cute vintage ones about!
    definitely agree with if you stop looking he will find you! good luck for this year, can't believe we finish in 5 months, so scary!

    1. Oooh no I didn't think about that, that's an idea! Thank you. I know, too soon, I'm not ready to be a grown up! xxx

  2. A nice guy would be nice, wouldn't it?! I'm the only single one in my group of friends but that definitely means I've had more time to focus! Good luck with your dreams and aspirations, you can do it :) xx

    1. It would, but a guy doesn't define you. Just plan to enjoy everything life throws at me! Thank you :) xxx

  3. You could always 'resolve' to laugh a lot etc.. ;-) xx