Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Sales Haul...

As I'm sure many of you lovely ladies are also, I am a bit of a shopaholic. If I see something I like, I have to have it. I might not get it straight away, but I'll sit and obsess over it for a couple of days, before deciding yes I definitely want it, and go back and buy it. I recognise that I have this issue, and so does my bank account, but I prefer to live in denial of this and buy pretty things to cheer me up on a rainy day. Or any day if I'm being honest. I just love spending money!

However, the sales are a nightmare for me. I cannot stand all the barging, and pushing, and shoving, it drives me crazy. So this year, I decided to get my sales fix online. This has not ended well for me. When you buy things online it does not feel like you are spending real money. Especially when shops have terrible sales, but are offering free next day delivery - obviously I have to take advantage of that and buy something, full price. Basically, to cut a long story short, I have spent much too much money in the past 10 days. Therefore to make myself feel slightly better about this terrible lack of self control I thought I'd share with you all the result of said splurge...

Embellished Blouse - Missguided, £11 (SALE)
Boucle Blazer - New Look, £18 (SALE)

Bobble Hat - Tesco, £3 (SALE)
Necklace - Kukee, £3.50
Bra - H&M, £12.99 (Both)
High Waisted Pants - H&M, £5.99 (Both)

(And I've still got all these goodies to drop through my door!)
Necklace - Kukee, £5

Did you grab any bargains yourselves in the sale, or are you more like me and tempted by those items still full priced? 

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  1. Nice finds! The blouse especially, super cute!

    I feel you, whenever the big sales are on, the only nice things I seem to find are the full priced ones. This year I just gave up and didn't even bother going to sale shopping for real :D