Friday, 11 January 2013

Hair Up...

So as I now have much longer hair than what I am used to, I thought that I would mess about with it and have a go at forming it into some form of bun. Now I wanted to try out a bow - but I am barely used to managing it down at the moment, so I decided to stick with the plain and simple bun, with the help of one of the best ever inventions - a hair donut.

I decided to get myself the large hair donut from ASOS (here) as my usual primark one did not have to capacity to hold all the huge amounts of hair I now have to pile on top of my hair! I chose to do a messy bun.
 1 - because I hate the whole primp and proper, neat and tidy look
2 - because it will be a nightmare to get it all sleek without showing the bonds of my extensions, and
 3 - because I'm lazy and this is just much much easier!

First put your hair up in a high ponytail. Some opt to do it right on the top of their head, as shown on the ASOS site, however I prefer mine a little lower.

Next loosely separate the hair around the donut, make sure all the hair is even covering the donut so you don't get any of the material showing through.

Hold the mid length close to the donut, and wrap the ends right around - creating the messy look as seen above. Then clip into place and voila! Easy peasy!

If you're looking to create the neat version, rather than do the above, put a hair bobble over the hair and donut and then wrap the ends around and pin under. Just as simple, if not more so!

It's not perfect - but I'm pretty impressed with myself for a first attempt! It's so easy to do if you just want your hair up and out of your face, which is pretty much my go to everyday. I really wish that someone somewhere would start selling red coloured kirby grips, would be so so much better!

So there you have it, easy hair up in 3 steps! Give it a go, so so easy! And if anyone has any tutorial posts or videos to do a bow, please link me - I need to learn how to do it! Hope you all have a good Friday, yay for the weekend!


  1. I seriously love the colour of your hair, what dye do you use? Did you have to bleach it first?

    1. Thank you! I get it done at a salon, wella 55/65. No it's just over my natural colour which is brown xxx

  2. I bought the one from Primark but found it so difficult to do! I'll try again tomorrow with your tips!

    Thanks for the follow :)

    Cath x
    square marshmallow