Friday, 1 February 2013

February Spending Ban...

So I mentioned at the beginning of this year that rather than do a resolution for the entire year, I was going to set myself goals and tasks for each month. January was to read a book and I actually bloody loved it. 'You Had Me at Hello' by Mhairi McFarlane. It takes a little while to get into and you really have to concentrate because the chapters flit between the present and flashbacks, but I got to the point where I literally couldn't put it down, and I loved it! So January - done. And now February.

For February's task I am putting myself on a spending ban. I buy way too many clothes, and shoes, and accessories and anything else possibly that I really don't need but for some reason feel the need to have to own them. So in a bid to save myself a bit of cash and just to see if I actually can do it the spending ban begins. To say it's a spending ban is a bit excessive. I am not stopping myself from spending money full stop, just on the clothing and make up pretty much. My rule is simple:

No purchasing of any clothes, shoes, accessories or make up until March 1st unless for a birthday or occasion

Obviously as I knew this was occurring I treated myself to a couple of bits and bobs to get myself through, so thought I'd share my purchases with you lovely readers...

Tickets for Phantom of the Opera - The Mayflower Theatre, £26 each (CANNOT WAIT!)
Kate Moss Lipstick in #01 - Boots, £5.49 (Shade Not Available Online)
Revlon Just Bitten in Crush - Boots, £7.99 (Shade Not Available Online)

The image here does no justice whatsoever for this dress - I absolutely love it. It is so figure hugging and clings in all the right places, plus the sleeves are a really nice length as well. The leather neckline is a little added extra which I adore. I just love this dress - and the contrast of the green against my plum hair looks ace!

These leggings are my new favourite item of clothing, have a look at them in my recent WIWT post here. They are an extremely flattering cut, high waisted which is my go to style at the moment, and the turn ups at the bottom are cute. They only had them in a 6 when I got them so I have to do a few lunges to get into them, but they are brilliant come day or night. Perfect.

I've been looking for a casual midi for a while now but they all seem to be in black which I'm just not feeling. I try to avoid black as much as possible, I always go for the slightly daring colour or print, in an attempt to avoid looking like the masses of Southampton. This is an absolute bargain at £8 and with 20% off student discount I had a right steal. This is yet to arrive so that will be a nice treat during said spending ban.

This jewel dress arrived today and I absolutely bloody love it. I bought it for my friends 21st in an attempt to look classy as we're all getting old now, and this caught my eye straight away on the ASOS site. I love the unusual print and the mixture of colours. I'm so obsessed with midi items at the moment, they just seem to really suit me - always nice when you find something like that. 

Me and my lovely Mother are going to see Phantom of the Opera on Tuesday and I'm so so excited. We are such musical/theatre geeks, it's my little hobby. I absolutely love musicals, I've never really thought about going to see Phantom as I don't know the story really, but Mum saw it when she was younger and loved it, and my friend went to see it last week and said it was incredible so I've got high hopes.

I don't tend to go mad on make up as quite frankly I cannot be bothered with it. Bit of face powder and some mascara and that's me done. The one thing I do love though is lipstick. Dark reds and pinks. I've been on the lookout for a burgundy for ages and this Revlon stain is perfect (see review here). This Kate Moss lippy has been on my radar for a while but it's always bloody out of stock - lucky me this week when I grabbed the last one in Boots. It's very moisturising and the perfect red to replace my Loreal one. And lastly my lovely new mascara. I always get the lash accelerator original but as this is a new product of a similar naming I thought I'd give it a go and I adore it. Absolutely incredible, a review will be coming shortly.

Now I've got it all in front of me I have actually bought a lot in this past week, naughty. This spending ban is definitely much needed, it's a good job February is a short month though cause I feel I am going to find this very very difficult!


  1. Oh Lou what a great idea! I definitely should do this, but I don't know if I could stick to it! I love the idea of setting goals and tasks each month, great idea


    1. I'm a little sceptical about my abilities to do this also, but I'll give it my best shot.

      Thank you, I get easily distracted so thought that a different goal each month would keep me motivated to achieve it.