Monday, 4 February 2013

Black on Black...

Despite the fact that I'm on a spending ban this month, it definitely doesn't stop me from looking every single little thing that I want. I don't know why it is that when you don't want to/can't spend any money, it is easy peasy to find a million and one things that you want! Today is no exception. 

After tidying up my room and organising all of my wardrobe, I have come to realise that I am in desperate need of a pair of black heels. I have black wedges and black jeffrey campbells but no black heels which lets face it ladies, are a pretty staple item. I feel as though I should go for a simple black court shoe, but I'm just loving all the big bulky platform clog kind of heels at the moment. 

In my search I found a fair few beauties so I thought I'd share them with you lovely readers, in a bid to keep myself busy and prevent myself from buying them all and failing my spending ban four days in...

Top Left to Bottom Right:

Well these New Look strap heels are pretty simple, I like that. The slightly chunkier heel adds for my comfort and balance, which is definitely something I am in need of when it comes to heels. I like the crossover straps, the thickness of which is perfect - nothing worse than thin shoe straps that dig in. Under £30, and even less with student discount, these are definitely high on the list, and differenciate from the rather bulky ones that currently reside in my wardrobe.

We all know I like spiked and studded accessories - and these somehow manage to be pretty dainty at the same time. I don't own a pair of peep toe heels at all so these would definitely be a welcome addition. I reaaalllllyyyy want these, and they are pretty reasonably priced also. 

Now I now these aren't really 'black heels' but when I saw them I just couldn't leave them out. I can visualise myself in these with some mega tight stone wash skinny jeans, an oversized burn out tee and a blazer. Mmmmm. The heel isn't too high either so these could definitely work for daytime usage. I may have to put in a call to my friend at H&M and get her to grab me a pair. 

I was looking for a plain pair to include in this that weren't necessarily plain as such. I like the cheeky little Louboutin red sole touch on these Missguided heels. Again peep toe, and a pretty killer heel. There isn't anything to dislike about these. Plain and simple, under £40 and will go with absolutely every outfit choice thinkable. 

Now I have been lusting after these Topshop beauties for much too long, but I just cannot bring myself to spend £55 right now. When payday brings itself around I may well change my mind, it's been long enough. This style has been in and out of Topshop for the past six months, re inventing itself a little each time, but these are just incredible and I definitely need them in my life. A nice chunky heel and platform, simple plain black strap, dainty from a birds eye view, absolutely fierce side on. Just yes yes yes. Oh, and they have an absolutely slammin blue pair here which have really caught my eye. Would two pairs be too much...

And lastly, a little monochrome to add to the proceedings. Rather simple court shoes, with a little hologram twist. Forever 21 are brilliant for on trend, affordable pieces, and these certainly don't disappoint. The only thing I fear, that in person the hologram platform may look a little tacky, but it is hard to tell from the image. Less than £25 though, bargain.

So which are your favourite ladies, or have you seen any others that have caught your eye? Anyone else trying this February spending ban and finding it as ridiculously difficult as me? Ahhhh.


  1. The Topshop ones are amazing! I love them! xx

    1. Topshop never go far wrong with beautiful heels!