Sunday, 3 February 2013

Style Steal #3...

She's one fifth of one of the country's biggest girlbands, in the middle of breaking into America, and a recent addition to the WAG circle. With her short cropped hair, and incredibly slim figure, Frankie Sandford is frequently blasted across the pages of newspapers for her style, as well as for her relationship with footballer Wayne Bridge. 

Her trademark shorts, tee and blazer with a pair of killer heels is my favourite look from the Saturdays singer, but this image I just found makes me want the whole outfit right now. It's very casual, laid back, but absolutely slamming, so begins my search for an affordable high street alternative..

Done and dusted. These trousers are ace, I'm really picky with leather look items as I hate when they are too shiny and just look really cheap and tacky, but these are perfect. White blazers that aren't that horrible cheapy cotton material seem to be really hard to come by, but this Forever 21 blazer is ideal. Nice and structured, 3/4 sleeve and no garish buttons. I found it impossible to find some snakeskin print court heels, these Nine West beauts were the closest I could find, and you know they are going to be excellent quality. The tee is just a standard burnout grey tee, easy peasy. And the best imitation Burkin I could find. We'd all love a Birkin I know, but without the thousands of pounds to fund it, it seems this bag for under £40 is a pretty good alternative!

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