Thursday, 14 February 2013

Bold Print

This is kind of a false WIWT as I actually wore it out the other night for my friends 21st; but I love it so so much that I just had to include it on my blog!

I'm such a big fan of midi dresses at the moment. In fact I'd go as far as to say that I'm completely addicted to them. For me, I find them so flattering on my figure, they somehow manage to make me look taller than I really am, and they manage to somehow be sexy as well as sophisticated. What more could you want from a dress!?

So I spotted this on ASOS a while ago, if you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll remember it was one of the options for my little sisters christening. Though I decided it too bold for that occasion, but absolutely PERFECT for my friends 21at. The print is just stunning, and I've never seen anyone else wear this, so the fact it is a little unique is definitely what attracted me to it.

It was a little tight, so I did spend the majority of the evening barely breathing, but it was so worth it. The neckline is a bit more square than it looks on the website and is rather low which I'm not a big fan of due to not being particularly well gifted in the boob department. However the tightness of the dress seemed to push some cleavage out of nowhere, which was bloody brilliant, and my hair covered the squareness, and I ended up falling a little bit in love!

If like me youre a fan of midi dresses, ASOS are just incredible for them at the moment, so check them out! I've just ordered myself two more as a little Valentines treat to myself - I mean singletons should get a prezzie too aye!


  1. hahah great post! I love your dress too!! Such a statement and it fits you just perfectly. Really like your friends ombre dress swell

    1. Thank you, I love it! So beautiful.

      The ombre dress is from Missguided!


  2. Wow, amazing dress :) Impressive!