Friday, 15 February 2013

Lust List...

There are so so many things that I am lusting after at the moment, and finding it ridiculously hard to resist the temptation to purchase it all. After failing the February spending ban, my shopping seems to have become like a tub of pringles: now I've popped, I just can't stop. It's a good job I'm keeping up my job at the hotel otherwise God knows how I would be managing - my overdraft would be taking a heavy beating that's for sure. So here are the little beauties that are circling round my mind constantly at the moment...

This embellished dress is just what I've been looking for for my friends 21st birthday night out. It's so different to anything else I have seen on the high street at the moment. You can't go wrong with an LBD, and mesh seems to be a really popular aspect to dresses at the moment, but the embellishment detail on the arms and shoulders in this dress has just made me fall completely in love! AND it's only £35 - brilliant. Though I'll let you into my little secret... Always check ASOS first for your River Island item, as that way you can have student discount on it (always on the lookout for any money saving schemes).

One of the things I hate about jeans are when they go all baggy around your ankles and knees - it just looks terrible, and makes it a nightmare to tuck into ankle boots, just not good! Therefore I think these denim disco pants would be absolutely perfect. We all know disco pants are ridiculously tight so no need to worry about sagging knees and ankles there. I really like the stone wash of these jeans, I've been after a pair in Topshop for ages but I can't warrant the £40 price tag. These = ideal.

Monochrome is huge at the moment, so what better way to incorporate it into your wardrobe than with a cute little bag. Zara handbags are always made exceedingly well, and you know that it will last you a decent amount of time unlike a cheap knockoff you'd pick up from Primark. This is the perfect size to fit in all your everyday essentials, and the simple colours make it easy to team up with any outfit. 

Urban Outfitter's crop tops are just ace! I have a couple in my wardrobe already and this is set to be the newest addition. I love the blue hue in the ombre tassling, and I think it will look incredible with a black high waisted midi skirt and some sky high heels. Want!

Oh God, these shoes. I haven't treated myself to a new pair of heels in a very long time. I tend to stick with the trusty ones I've got that I know are comfortable and I love. However, these may just have to be purchased. I love the mixture of the nude and black, and obviously studs are always a winner for me. I always seem to wear wedges, or my Jeffrey Campbell's, so a pair of proper stiletto heels are much needed. 

And lastly, my new go to style of dress - the always beautiful midi dress. I rave a lot about this style and how much I adore it so it's no surprise that one of them has made it onto my lust list. I'm a big fan of wearing dark greens, as they just look so cool against the pink/purple tone of my hair. Topshop dresses are always a beautiful fit, so no worries on that front. This is probably going to end up in my wardrobe very soon.

What items are you all lusting after at the moment? Anything similar to what I've got here? Hope you're all enjoying your week - Friday again already, how on earth did that roll around so quick!? Enjoy...

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