Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Denim Dungaree Alternatives...

Dungarees are beginning to get a pretty big thing as of recent. We're seeing them on the catwalk, on celebs, ALL over the high street, and they're sure to be seen on 1 in 5 people at festivals this summer - take note. So I've been having a look at what is about other than the bog standard denim dungarees, and there is a heck of a lot more than I could have anticipated. So here are my best finds to set you apart from the crowd.

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

These pinafore dresses are pretty common if I'm honest, but the thing that sets this one apart from the others is the lack of material across the chest. The majority of pinafore dresses are like the denim one you can see above - standard dungaree form, but this is just that little different. Easy to throw on with a tee as seen on the model, or dressed up with a blouse no problem. Cheap and cheerful at only £15 you can't really go wrong. 

I'm beginning to become a bit of a lover of full length jumpsuits in general, so trouser length dungarees are so up my street (see my celeb style steal post here). These cute polka dot ones are perfect for chilled out days in the park when the weather isn't quite hot enough to wear a pair of shorts. I love how the model has been styled up, with a plain white linen look blouse - ideal for summery days out. Very chic. 

I saw this lovely little floral dungaree playsuit when I was in Topshop yesterday shopping for a birthday outfit with my friend and I knew it was going straight on my 'to buy' list when the March spending ban is over. I want it for V fest as I was after normal denim dungarees anyway, but these are much more unique. A light blue speckled baggy tee from Topshop tucked underneath would be such a cute look. Though I am loving the sleeveless blouse look - not something I would have thought up. To dress up for a night out this Topshop blouse would be perfect!

Zara always make a general style look so chic and expensive and I really do not know how they do it. This simple dungaree jumpsuit is the epitome of smart casual. This looks perfect with the little bandeau underneath due to it's very low sides. I'm not sure how this would work with a blouse like the others, but simple plain strap tops would be perfect. The thin material will keep you nice and cool in those hot summer days that I'm really hoping will crop up soon! 

It wouldn't be a dungaree post without something denim thrown in. This dress is pretty simple and the wash of the denim leaves it with that lovely vintage look. The length also adds to the 90's style of the dress and would work well with some sandals. Though I'd like to masculine it up a bit with some berry coloured Dr Martens, or on the other end of the spectrum lots of neon. Hmmm, the options. 

And lastly the jersey set from ASOS. I'm not entirely sure why they decided to ruin this lovely look with that horrible McDonalds looking cap, but the dungaree/tee collab looks perfect. As far as I am concerned this whole look is THE fashion statement for this summer. The two colour tone is kept very simple, though mixes things up a bit from those that keep things plain and safe. You don't have to be extrovert to pull this off - a look for all.

What do you think about the dungaree trend? Is it something that you would go for or steer well clear?

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