Friday, 1 March 2013

Rihanna for River Island...

So Rihanna's full spring collection has been released on River Island's website, and I for one am not massively impressed. As you can see from the below images the collection sticks to monochrome and a pop of neon lime green. There are a few pieces that catch my attention, but I can imagine that a collab between the already slightly overpriced River Island and high end star Rihanna are going to result in a pretty big price tag. But let's have a look at what's on offer, and judge for yourself...

Some pretty basic grey and black oversized tees and vests here - pretty standard, nothing special; a tie side lime green vest and what looks to be a monochrome striped skirt. All of these items - fine. Now I have absolutely no idea what is going on with the double waistband, two shaded jeans - really not a fan, and the wrap around shirt look which is repeated a few times throughout the collection, I just don't really get it. I know Rihanna is a bit alternative, ok a lot alternative: but this style just does not make sense. 

This is probably my favourite section of the collection. The maxi skirt with the sexy thigh high split, high waisted distressed shorts, heeled bikers, and high neck crops. All bang on trend and very versatile items to have within your wardrobe. 

What on earth are those boots!? Now these may be the sort of thing that Rihanna can pull of flouncing around the stage, or wearing with a pair of pants in her latest music video, but I can't really see these flying off the shelves. I'm sure I'll be proved wrong, but for the love of all things fashionable, I really hope not. I love the bag - RI always have amazing bags, so I had no fears there. Not entirely sure what the tracksuit velour jumpsuit thing is, or the fact that the maxi dress appears to be entirely see through. I did read that people wanted to push an age limit on some items in this collection - ridiculous I agree, but I for one do not want to see anyone walking through my high street shopping centre in that, let alone a young teenage girl who thinks that this is the way to look sexy.

This is very similar to the second moodboard which I said I liked. Again a nice thigh split maxi skirt, high waisted shorts and some basic tees. I love the turn up jeans, and the lime green crop jumper - I think put together with the cream boots could look kind of cool. I'm not too sure on the striped shirt, the drop hem looks a little bit messy and confusing. Also, the front panel in the dungarees looks completely see through - not ideal. 

The last moodboard, again featuring the hideous weird tied shirt around a skirt thing, some more biker boots, and some more basic tees. The maxi dress is cute, and definitely something I would wear, other than that there is nothing new here than what we have seen in the rest of the collection. 

Overall it isn't great. If you are very alternative a like quite 'out there' items then there are a few eccentric bits in here for you. Lots of bog standard basic tees and vests, biker boots and maxis. It's all quite repetitive and sticks the same colour board. I must say I expected more, but I'm sure I will be met with a wall of disagreement and a sell out collection. We shall see I guess.

What do you guys think? Love or loath? Your style or just way too out there?


  1. Tbh it's mainly just stuff you could find in Primark for a tenth of the price. Not a fan! A couple of dece items but on the whole I totally agree with you. That denim skirt is like all of the bad bits of the 90's come back to haunt us ;)

  2. I totally agree! Check out my review at