Monday, 11 March 2013

Yummy Body Butter (DO NOT EAT)...

I've blogged about the Body Shop many a time, and here is yet another rave review to add to the collection. My Mum got me the most delicious smelling box of goodies as part of my Christmas present last year - and one of it's products has fast become a staple within my beauty regime.

The smell of this is literally out of this world, yummy scrummy, incredible! The cute little pot is easy to shove into the depths of your handbag and grab to smother over your hands when they're feeling a little dry - which if you're anything like me, is constantly in this weather! I've had a few body butters of different scents over the years, so I knew exactly what to expect from this product. 

As you can see, the consistency of the body butter is very thick and creamy. In my personal opinion it wouldn't be ideal as a base before foundation, or a general daily moisturiser as it does leave a slight residue on the skin and is rather heavy. However these factors make it a perfect intense moisturiser to use before bed, and perfect to pop on your legs after shaving/waxing/exfoliating/whatever it is that you do. It instantly puts all the moisture back into your skin, and the gentle formula is perfect for sensitive skin types.

Body Scrubs and Butters are some of the Body Shops most popular products, so I'm sure many of you reading this now have already tried one, or got one in your cosmetics bag. If not you definitely need to! It is a perfect product for this hideous winter days which don't see any sign of parting anytime soon, and for those of you with dry skin who need a little injection of moisture this is THE perfect product. Only a fiver for 50ml, or £13 for a humungous 200ml, it won't break the bank and will last you throughout the year! Give it a go.


  1. It looks so yummy indeed. I love the texture so much. Where can I order it? Thanks.

    1. Order from the body shop online.

      Here is the direct link for you: