Monday, 22 April 2013

You Can Never Have Too Many Pairs of Shoes...

In my last WIWT/OOTD post I raved about how much I'm loving New Look at the moment. They seem to have come on leaps and bounds since I shopped there in my first year at uni and they are so on trend with everything at the moment. The prices are so reasonable, it makes it difficult for me not to fill my basket and spend a small fortune. 

I've got a funeral this weekend, and a christening in two weeks so I've been looking for some plain black heels to go with my dresses for both events. Both are midi dresses and quite sophisticated so I wanted some plain black strappy sandal heels. I love the range that Zara have to offer but I don't really want to spend £40/£50 on some bog standard basic heels.

I spotted these on ASOS and they are just absolutely perfect. Less than £20, really simple but also very classy looking. If you ask me, these look like something you would pick up in Zara but for a fraction of the price. Surprise surprise they had sold out on ASOS, and only available in a size 8 on the New Look size. Typical. I really loved them though and it's like they were made for my outfit, so I popped into my local store when I was running errands in town and there they were. The one and only pair, hidden behind two other pairs of shoes, and in my size. It's like it was fate. And after just trying them on with my outfit, I'm so glad I managed to get my hands on them. I've been so used to wearing wedges, and really thick heeled shoes, that these are actually a wee bit difficult to walk in - but they are so beautiful I'll get over that hurdle. 

I may have also picked these up as well. Oops - I need to stop shopping from today onwards, but these just had to be purchased. Everyone needs comfortable black heels and these are just that. They will match with everything and the platform at the front means that your feet aren't at too much of an angle so are ridiculously comfortable. I may even try these on for daytime wear with some rolled up jeans and blouse. 

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