Friday, 5 April 2013

Bodycon Prints...

Whilst browsing the Topshop website this evening - despite the fact that I have no money to be spending on pretty clothing, I came across this skirt and I just had to have it right away. I love the combination of the purples and greens, and I know that Topshop bodycon skirts and dresses fit perfectly to my figure so it was well worth the £40.

I began to think how I would style it up, as I think that the skirt is pretty bold on it's own I didn't want to take away from that so here are my finds...

The skirt is stunning - I've said that already. I'm loving bold prints at the moment and I've began to really like wearing green so this is just perfect. The length and fit is always perfect, and Topshop clothing is generally made to a really high standard. It is a little expensive for a skirt at £40, but it's different to anything else I've seen so that makes it well worth the money. After all, we don't want to look like everyone else now do we!

I've seen quite a few girls in these off the shoulder crop tops and I do really like them. I think they look so much more classy than the standard high neck crop tops, my only issue is bras. I really do hate wearing strapless bras as they just constantly fall down lower than you want. Though with a top fitted enough it should be ok. I pulled out the small amount of navy in the skirt and went with that colour for the top and shoes rather than black - a little brighter for the spring. 

These shoes are pretty bog standard. Sling back, peep toe, navy heels, and just under £25 - ideal. I have got a pair of navy shoes from Miss Selfridge myself which I actually adore and would go perfectly with this outfit, but for those who haven't and want to copy this look then these are the best navy heels out there and won't break the bank. 

I think with this ensemble I'd wear my hair up. Either in a high ponytail or an oversized bun - therefore I have to have big earrings. I don't tend to bulk up on jewellery but a big pair of earrings or ring and I'm good to go. Earrings are a must with hair ups, and these pick up on the green in the skirt so just pull everything together.

What do you think? Would you wear this outfit or would you style this up completely differently? 

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