Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dip Hem and Crop...

I was loving that the sun was back out today. The sun just makes everything a billion times better. Everyone is smiling, you can wear much nicer clothes, and there is generally just much more to do. I only had to pop out to uni for a couple of tutorials and then I had a big party BBQ to look forward to in the afternoon. It's so so nice being able to open my wardrobe knowing that I don't have to wear jeans and a coat!

Dip Hem Skirt - River Island
Strapped Sandals - Primark, £12 (AVAILABLE NOW)

I bought this dip hem skirt last year and I've worn it a grand total of 3 times so it was definitely deserving a trip out of the confines of my wardrobe. I love the busy print, and the subtle colours make it relatively easy to mix up with different coloured tops. Though I did have to add safety pins to the front to make sure it didn't flap open - never good! Standard black long sleeve top as it was a little breezy this morning, rolled up to 3/4 this was perfect. My lovely new primark sandals which I mentioned yesterday - I really love these. They will go with everything, and are very similar to a Topshop pair more than double the price - very happy Louise!

Hope you've all been enjoying the sun as much as I have today! BBQ, cider, and a laugh with brilliant friends - literally could not have been any better!

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