Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Primark Spring/Summer '13 Swimwear...

So as a student, I'm obviously a bit of a fan of Primark. Don't get me wrong, they sell some absolutely awful items of clothing (including those hideous 'geek' and 'dweeb' tops), but on the whole they are bringing out some pretty brilliant stuff at the moment. I went in the other day, and their basic range is brilliant - jeans, and cami tops are so reasonably priced I feel the need to stock up whenever I visit, just in case they go up in price. I also bagged myself a gorgeous pair of black sandals with silver buckles, which I'm sure will be featured on an OOTD post in the very near future. But today I found their Spring/Summer 13 beach and swimwear look book, and I love some of the bits they feature. Although prices aren't out yet, you can bet you will get a lot for your money!

Obviously it features neon a lot, floral for spring (groundbreaking), and the standard classic black swimsuit - which I absolutely adore. I love the tassels and the cut out design, although I can't imagine that this will be great for tan lines, or great for those like myself who aren't blessed with an ample chest. I think this is one of those swimsuits that is made for a booze cruise, or with shorts for a walk around your destination - not sunbathing. The neon green cover up is my absolute favourite. It is perfect for just shoving on over your bikini to go for a walk, or pop out for lunch, and it is just so damn cute. I will definitely be grabbing for this bad boy when it hits my local store. 

The floral underwired bralet bikini is so much more up my street, way more appropriate for small boobs and it is just a crazy mix of colours which I love. I am predicting a lot of neon and monochrome and very very low necklines to be hitting the beaches this summer so I'd like to go for something a little different. I also think that this looks like something you would see on the rails in Topshop, but will retail at around half the price - brilliant! And lastly a must have ruffle bandeau bikini. I think you have to have a bikini of this style in your suitcase no matter what your body shape and size. These work for every woman; big boobs, small boobs, stick thin, curvy - everything. And it is just the most perfect bikini for sunbathing and having minimal tan lines. It is not perfect however for water parks - I am a first hand victim of bandeau bikini top mishaps in a public Greek water park, and let me tell you right now, it is not fun. Stick to the beach. 

What are you thinking of Primark's new swimwear range? Which look is your favourite for the holiday season?

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