Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Print and Leather...

I have been so so bad with shopping recently, I literally don't seem to understand no. I have no idea how I am going to cope when I rejoin the real world that does not consist of eating, drinking, shopping and doing whatever I want courtesy of my student loan! I now have reached the grand total of 40 pairs of shoes which is just absolutely ridiculous, and my bank balance is just not good. God only knows where I plan on putting all these clothes and shoes when I go back to my Mum's in June. I think she may well be shipping me into the garage, or I have been threatened with the wooden playhouse in the garden - we shall see.

Recently I took a much needed night off of uni work and went on a night out with some of the girls. I'm a bit fed up of wearing dresses on nights out now - everything is quite similar at the moment so I wanted to opt for something other than the standard bodycon midi dress (which I still love by the way). After a big dinner, a baggy shirt and shorts seemed like the perfect mix of dressed up and casual. 

Leather Shorts - Missguided
Shoe Boots - eBay

I spotted this blouse on Missguided and just thought it was really cute and was hitting the nail on the head with the monochrome trend. I tried to be good and just add it to my basket to make the total high enough for the free delivery - one thing I hate about online shopping is paying a stupid amount for delivery, but anyway I ended up keeping the blouse. It is so versatile, it can be worn day or night with anything. In fact I teamed it up today with some jeans, black pumps, and a little neon necklace. Love it. These shorts I've actually had since last summer and never ever worn them, and I've no idea why because I love this outfit. I shall definitely be wearing them more often. Again the shoe boots I've had since last summer and they are my go to shoe for a night out. The thick heel and high platform means that they are insanely comfortable, and well, they just look absolutely fierce. I decided to curl my hair for once also, it was a nightmare trying to keep the volume in it as my hair is quite thin, but I actually really liked the wavy look I ended up with. I need to make more effort with my hair on a daily basis, rather than just shoving it up in a messy bun like usual.

My lovely, and extremely fashionable friends. 
Check out Hayley's (far right) skirt and shirt combo here - I LOVE IT!

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