Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Decisions, Decisions...

Today is a bit of a random post if I'm honest. Basically all you lovely people who read my blog, I need your help! This weekend I am going to London for a fun night out with the girls, combined with my 21st birthday celebrations and my friend Vicky's 22nd birthday celebrations. We are going out to Marco Pierre White's restaurant, checking out a snazzy beauty salon in Chelsea, and then heading out to party at a circus themed party at Jalouse in Hanover Square. All very posh and exciting, in comparison to little old Kettering or Southampton that is for sure.

Basically my issue, as always, is what to wear. I've ordered two dressed from ASOS for the evening out, but I've no idea what the wear. One is short and structured, the other midi and bodycon, both rather different and I just have no idea what to go for, so this is where you come in? Take a look and tell me what you think? Also if you have any ideas of any fun and cheap things to do whilst frolicking around the capital then please let me know. Excuse the messy hair and glasses I've just got in from a law exam so made little effort in getting ready today...


  1. I prefer the mini dress, but they're both gorgeous! Tough call x

  2. I like the bodycon - much more classy and sophisticated (you could use it in work places or interviews also with a different style).


  3. This sounds like the perfect day, I'm rather envious.
    I love both dresses but the one on the left slightly tips my vote. x