Monday, 24 June 2013

CC Creams: What To Go For...

This evening I am pondering CC creams. I've got a bit of a thing with my skincare routine, and it's only recently that I have started to move away from my comfort zone. I've tried and tested BB cream - a mediocre response. I love the feeling and the glow it gives my skin, though the coverage isn't brilliant and it's just that bit too oily for my combination skin. Foundation is so hit and miss, though I'm pretty sure I've found my soul mate in my No7 Brilliantly Matte foundation in cool vanilla. So now it only seems right to try a CC cream as a viable in between. The only problem is, I have absolutely no idea where to start. 

The main thing that appeals to me is the name of the product. Colour correction - CC. I have quite a lot of pigmentation in my skin. It's rather patchy and pink which makes it difficult to find foundations which aren't either orange or white. Rather than cover up the skin, they are said to even them out - sounds pretty perfect to me. I hate the idea of clogging up my pores so if there is something that can even out the colour I am on board!

From a bit of a browse on the old internet, I have found that these seem to be the top three across beauty bloggers and magazines across the board. They all seem to address different aspects however. The maxfactor version seems to be applauded for it's foundation like coverage but lightweight feel, and is the cheapest of the three. The Olay Regenerist is said to be more of an all rounder, comprising of a blend of serum, moisturiser and foundation. It is claimed to be ultra hydrating, blurs imperfections, and reduces dark spots, lines and wrinkles. It is cheaper than the clinique alternative but only by £4. Cosmopolitan claims that this Clinique CC cream is 'radiance in a tube' and completely correctively covers skins imperfections. It doesn't have the coverage of foundation like the other two, however if a light moisturising and correction is all you are after then it seems this is the one. It is the most expensive however at £28. 

From these basic descriptions I think the Olay Regenerist would be my purchase but what do you guys think? All the lovely and knowledgeable bbloggers reading this please advise me. Anyone who has tried any of these, or equally one they feel is far superior, leave me a comment or tweet me. I want to jump on the bandwagon. 


  1. I have never used any CC Creams yet but am currently looking into it aswell! As I like to wear something much lighter than my usual foundation during summer. I've been using BB Cream but it doesn't cover up my blemishes well enough.
    I've heard wonders about Olay's Regenerist. I'll have to look into it a little more. I'll let you know if I find something really worth while!
    I was thinking of trying to use the foundation tool I usually use to find new foundations at in my search for a CC Cream. Maybe it could help you too? :)

    Xx Lucy

    1. Exactly, i just want a lightweight coverage for the summer. There's nothing worse than having a face full of make up when it's sweltering outside. Yeh, let me know what you think, that's definitely the one I'm leaning towards!