Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Cambridge Satchel...

I should have done this post so so long ago, but what with moving out from Southampton and having my belongings here there and everywhere at the moment, it is so hard to be organised in any way, shape, or form. But here we are, and it's even more beautiful than I remember. I've been eyeing up the Cambridge Satchel collections for a while now, but not wanting to spend almost £150 on a bag, my 21st birthday seemed the perfect opportunity. I wanted something that I could keep, that would last me, and would be a sentimental present that I could use for years to come. This is just that.

I opted for the lilac colour from the Chelsea Collection as I wanted something a little different to the standard brown or berry, but that would still be easy to accessorize on a daily basis. For an item that costs more than I would usually spend it has to be versatile, so although I loved the Fluoro Collection, they just would not have been practical for me - though they are fierce! I chose to have my intials embossed too, which is a little pricey at £5 a letter, but it makes it completely unique and individual to me, which I love.

I went for the 13 inch version rather than the 11 inch, but I just wanted to show you just how much room there actually is. The satchel can actually be done up on the next hook but I didn't want to stretch the material too far so it is pretty packed. Though as you can see I managed to fit in everything I would need to leave the house, minus my iPhone which stays firmly in the pocket. The front pouch is perfect for my diary and iPad mini, whilst the main compartment comfortably houses all my bits and bobs. I'm really hoping that I still have this beauty in many years to come, a real treasure. 

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