Monday, 29 July 2013

All Kinds of Print...

I've been doing lots of returns and pr liaising and computer work today so instead of boring you with the details, i thought I'd share with you my latest lusting. Thank you ASOS for mentally draining my bank account - hurry up payday...

The world has been going crazy for printed trousers so why not take it one stage further and don some crazy print on your top half! The crazier the better if you ask me! I love number 4! Like love it! I'm not entirely sure I'm quirky enough to pull it off, but in my head it looks so fierce! The first on my purchase list however is the red, black and white jacket (second on the list) - bold but still subtle if that's possible. Making a statement without being too out there! I'm also loving the final blazer and short combo - perfect for those hot days in the office. 

What do you think? The bolder the better, or play it safe with a single colour? 


  1. Love this! Wish I could pull this kind of thing off.

    Kerry | Makeup By Kerry

  2. So in love with number 4 and 5! Get it get it!xx