Thursday, 25 July 2013

Confused on the Tube...

Etiquette on the London Underground is something that I will never really understand. Everyone runs in, desperate to grab a seat for their morning commute in an attempt to not be left writhing under someone's smelly sweaty armpit, only to give said seat up for a select number of people. The pregnant, disabled and elderly you are exempt from this discussion/confusion - you all deserve a seat on the tube. But women. Well.

How many years has it been since feminism has been about now? How long have women been pushing for equal rights? Yet we are still more than willing to use our femininity to influence certain situations. We'd ALL be lying if we said that we had never flirted with a guy to get what we want! But on the tube I notice this a lot. A girl playing around with her hair, fluttering her eyelashes, adjusting the subtle cleavage on display to one of slight less subtly, and certain men give up their seats. I'm still naive enough to believe that this is a very gentlemanly thing to do, rather than the fact that a flash of tits has provoked this act of 'generosity'. 

But this post comes direct from the tube, well I'm writing it on the Piccadilly Line to St Pancras and will publish it as soon as my feet hit Regent Street (you get my drift), whilst I'm stood directly next to the lady that provoked this post. I say provoke rather than inspire and you shall see exactly why in just a moment. 

Before I get onto it, please do not take this as an abuse on women's weight! I myself struggle with body image and I am in no way being detrimental to women who are curvy! In fact I wish I had a few more womanly curves! But before I tangent off, remember this as you read ahead.

About half an hour ago a pregnant women, about 6/7 months I would guesstimate by the rather sizeable bump that she was carting around, gave up her seat for an extremely overweight woman. And this woman let her! I think that this is absolutely awful! This lady has a little life inside her where if she has a fall on the tube could be fatal, yet the overweight lady is simply overweight. Obese in fact. Why is she being rewarded for living a lifestyle that is in no way healthy.

Now don't get me wrong I know that there can sometimes be reasons for extreme weight, however if 'Supersize vs Supersklnny' has taught me anything then this can always be changed! The stats for obese people in our country are just phenomenal, and not in a good way! People seem to not know how to look after themselves, eating healthily and exercising a couple of times a week are a sure fire way to remain fit and healthy - and it's easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle!

I feel like I've ranted on a bit about this, but as soon as it happened I went to write a tweet and realised that 140 characters was just not enough, so blog it was! What do you all think? I just don't get it. #ConfusedOnTheTube

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