Friday, 26 July 2013

Intern Day 4...

I'm feeling a little worse for wear today, so please bare with me if this post isn't the most structured piece of writing I have ever produced. Last night me and the guys from work went to Thurning Feast which is this cute little festival just outside of Oundle, had a few too many drinks, lots of laughs, a bit of dancing and a lot of fun! It certainly took the upset from my earlier dentist fiasco away! 

But back to my interning day re: Thursday - man was I busy! I never knew a shift at work could go so unbelievably quickly! I was calling in credits, ringing round PRs and getting lost trying to find the Conde Nast photography studios which turned out to be 5 minutes round the corner from the office. I should never be trusted with directions! The girls in the office are just so lovely and really great to work with. Fingers crossed il get a shoot next week so lots of pretty dresses to share with you. But for now here are my snaps of the day...

I actually managed to get an outfit picture for Friday - even if it was in the work lift! I will get my intern style diary up tomorrow, I promise! 

All the yummy meringues we got sent to us!

I saw this quote on Instagram and I just loved it. Perseverance is key.

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