Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Intern Diary Day 3

This post comes to you from the comfort of the sofa I have sunk deeply into after forcing myself into a food coma due to the ginormous bag of Doritos I have just consumed. As yummy as they are, I now feel very sick. And guilty. I need some motivation if I'm ever going to get this bikini body! Might just eat what I want for now and then in the month lead up to holiday go carb and dairy free and hit the gym hard. I think I'd prefer that. Yes. What a good plan. And to think that came whilst in the midst of a food coma. Excellent. 

Pre food coma/sofa sinking, I have been a very busy bee today at Brides HQ. I've had a ridiculous amount of credits to sort out for our November/December issue which is in the process of completion, and spent a number of hours searching for a wig for a shoot on Friday. NOT an easy task! 

However we did have a lovely treat arrive today from the nice (and very creative) people at the body shop... 

A buzzy bee MADE OF LEGO and filled with lots of delicious smelling goodies to celebrate the launch of their new honey range. I can't wait to try out the body scrub and butter - two of my favourite products by the body shop, other than my beloved vitamin e range of course! 

I've only got a half day tomorrow as I have to travel back home for a dental appointment in the afternoon, but I get to forget about that horror for a few hours and enjoy Thurning feast with all my lovely work gang before again facing the horrendous dental practice again Friday! I wish I wasn't such a wimp, those darn dentists. But anyway before I go off on a complete tangent my point to make is that this week has gone insanely quickly and I can't believe I've only got 4 noted hours of interning this week! I can't wait to see what next week brings - and like I say il be posting my intern style diary before the weekend approaches so look out! Il end with a couple more snaps from today...

London is buzzing even more so after the arrival of cute little George aka royal baby, and I just LOVE this picture. Too cute!

Nans birthday present all sorted - her favourite shop I'd conveniently placed right up the road from work. Lucky her!

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