Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Intern Photo Diary Days 1&2

My work days have been a lot more busy than I anticipated what with commuting and my TERRIBLE body clock, meaning I haven't been very good at taking outfit pictures and posting on time. I will do my weekly style diary on Friday when I've had a chance to catch up! But for now I thought I'd share a few snaps I've taken over the last couple of days.

              The iconic Vogue House

            Lunch in Hanover Square

            My own signature sign off! 

      My desk covered in new perfume samples, not a bad way to start the day! 

I've had a lovely first two days, lots of press calls and organising dresses for shoots (shoots mean lots of craziness in BRIDES HQ) - and oh the beautiful wedding dresses, I will get a picture to share with you all soon as there is just nothing like it! Especially for a little bridal lover such as myself - my sin is to try on a dress before I leave, not entirely sure how successful I will be with that but il give it a good go! 

As my feeble little body cannot take these before 9am starts, I am now going to curl up on the sofa before retiring to bed very shortly. Oh body clock why do you fail me so! So night night all, sleepy time calls. 

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