Saturday, 28 September 2013

5 Product Challenge...

As someone who likes to keep it pretty easy and simple with everyday make up, I didn't think that the '5 product challenge' would be too much of a challenge. Foundation, powder, mascara. Done. I only need 3. But when I actually looked at the creams and serums I apply before make up I actually found it a little more challenging. But these are my MUST MUST haves for everyday wear...

As you can see all the products are pretty well used and battered, so there's no doubt they are my daily essentials!

The vitamin E facial oil is just out of this world and I honestly could not go a day without putting it on. I usually put two mascaras on but I just had to give one of them up for this challenge in order to keep this bad boy! It instantly clears up all dry patches which can be particularly pesky on my nose, but this little miracle in a bottle sorts it right out. Now it may seem odd that I have to use oil to clear up the dry patches on my skin, but then I use mattifying foundation and powder, but it just works. My skin seems to get quite oily throughout the duration of the day, and these two products together just keep that shininess at bay. Eyelash curlers are my favourite beauty product ever!!! I have pretty long lashes anyway but they just give them the height they need in order to only need a quick swishing of mascara in the morning, which is where the lovely Scandaleyes mascara comes in. I usually use this combined with Avon's Supershock mascara but if I had to pick just one the Rimmel is a no brainer. It lengthens, thickens, volumnises. Everything. It is far better than any other high end mascara I have used, and it is well under a tenner. Beaut. 

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