Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Holiday Style Diary 3...

It feels so weird popping up my holiday pictures now I'm all back and settled in the UK! After two weeks at work I feel like I never went away, I'm sure a lot of you can relate. Today's style diary is a bit of a mish mash. I wanted to show you my favourite bikini ever without being overly 'look I'm in a bikini' so I've thrown it together with my favourite kaftan, a last minute purchase which I'm so glad I went for! And yes. They're all selfies. Apologies. My bank balance at present won't allow for a packet of crisps let alone a tripod and decent camera! Roll on pay day!

                  Bikini - H&M, £14.99
                  Kaftan - Boohoo, £8
                    Belt - ASOS (OLD)
             Sunglasses - Topshop, £14

I adored this bikini from the moment I laid eyes on it! I have a bit of a thing for white bikinis, I think mainly because they enhance your tan, and for someone whois borderline  albino and tans only a very slight amount, any enhancement is welcomed with open arms. As someone who is not very blessed in the bosom department, i have come to learn that bandeau bikinis are the way forward and the pretty detailing on the halter neck just separated this from the otherwise plain alternatives in its price range! I can't fault it at all. Other than the fact that it was one size too small, damn you H&M for making such good, sell out items! I may be small but a 6 was certainly a squeeze! 

The kaftan was just the best holiday purchase I think I've ever made! It was just perfect to throw on over absolutely everything which was so ideal for a quick pop to the shop for an ice cream or out into the town. I hate walking round in just a bikini but there's nothing worse than sweltering in a full on shorts and t shirt combo. Not to mention putting shorts on after a swim in the sea. Ew damp. This has none of those issues. Plus it's mighty cute! I shall be storing it well ready for next years sunshine madness! Ibiza is calling me...

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  1. Love the kaftan! I have the both the pink and yellow. I always have the holiday blues-usually as soon as i land!