Saturday, 28 September 2013


Despite the fact I've pretty much missed the whole of Super Gorgeous September due to holiday and illness and just general planning on my part, I am going to continue with it over a longer duration of time. One because despite my best efforts I cannot manage to post everyday, and two I like to have the freedom to post odds and sods that pop into my head whenever I fancy. But the next topic for 'SGS' is pink.

Now I'm not a particularly pink person. I don't own one single item of clothing that is solidly pink, it's just not my kind of thing. I'm much more of a blue and black and white girl if I'm honest, with a flash of colour every now and again. This being said, I did have a look around my room when trying to decide how I was going to do this post, and I thought I'd mix it up a bit.  So instead of doing a fashion pink post, I'm going to relate it to my beauty love. Lipstick.

Now I'm more of a red lippy fanatic, but I got sent this by Maybelline and it is probably one of my favourite gloss/lipsticks right now. It's staying power is just out of this world, and the colour is so bold. I really cannot fault it. I really do not like gloss. I hate that just about everything that you come into contact sticks to it, namely every single strand of hair on your hair. But with this bad boy as soon as you apply a slathering of the white balm it is instantly matte. It is a completely bugger to get off, but as least you know that no matter how many glasses of wine you pour down your neck or how many mcdonalds burgers you eat on the drunken walk home, this lippy isn't going anyway. That's an all round winner in my book.

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  1. This colour looks so pretty on you, even though they are a nightmare to get off I love long staying lipsticks! Might have to try out this one now :) x