Thursday, 19 September 2013

Holiday Style Diary 1...

I'm kind of doing everything a little bit topsy turvy at the moment. I'd like to say that it's because I'm quirky and interesting in that way, but in reality it is because I am ridiculously unorganised and this is the way it has to be. I do have my festival style diary, but the photos seem to have gone walkabout so il power through with my holiday one and it will all fall into place. I hope. 

I'm not one to plaster pictures of me in my bikini everyday for a week - mainly because they aren't that interesting but also because I don't think it takes much effort to throw on a bikini and kaftan and call it an outfit. So instead I snapped a few dinner outfits and night out outfits and a little bit inbetween. Today's was my favourite. I was so hot and bloated from all the food that this look was just perfect. 

   Multi Print Cami - Topshop (Last Year)
   White Embroidered Shorts - Topshop
  Embellished Sandals - Accessorize (Old)

I loved this Cami from the moment I laid eyes on it in my local store last year and I've worn the hell out of it. It works all year round, I particularly like it with jeans, midi heels and a good old black blazer. The shorts are a recent purchase so you should still be able to get your hands on them in store, unfortunately I can no longer find them online. The cut is so flattering, high waisted so really nips in the waist and the tailoring just makes them feel so much more smart than standard holiday denim shorts. Plus I've hot such a thing about white clothes at the moment! And my sandals - these have been a god send! I bought them two years ago when I worked at Accessorize and they are still going strong! I've listed them as old, but there are so many similar styles that are stocked you won't find a problem getting a look a like pair!

And the hair. Oh the hair. Despite the fact I've been trying to grow my hair to some sort of length over the past 3 years, I cannot stand it when it is hot and I've got hair all up in my face. No. It's not good. So anything I can do to get it right up on top of my head then I will do it. I had fashioned the pineapple and messy up bun for the majority of the holiday so thought I'd try the topknots kind of Princess Leia, Miley Cyrus do. I like it. It's not done as brilliantly as it should be as my hair is a bit long and it was a first attempt. But I'm going to buy a couple of the small bun rings and give those a go as I just think it's quite a cute and quirky look. Plus now I'm back in England the wet and windy weather requires a good up do, so this is just the trick!

If you've given it a go, please comment with a link to your post/picture or a DIY would be even better! 

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  1. Ooh, that cami is nice! It's a really interesting pattern :) x