Friday, 27 September 2013

Holiday Style Diary 2...

So I've done it again, I've dropped off the grid. I've been so busy during the past week what with work job interviews, and picking up some awful cold/sickness bug that I just haven't had the time to post at all. But now I've finally got an evening off, I'm chilling out with a rather large glass of wine, 4od and blogger. Perfect.

Printed Skirt - Monki (Last Season)
Necklace - ASDA

Apologies for the screen shotted snapchat, but it's the only picture I have that shows a little more detail to my necklace. This outfit was for a nice meal out in the most lovely restaurant over looking the ocean. It was absolutely beautiful, and the carbonara was to die for! Italian food = very happy Louise. 

But in terms of the outfit, I am a little in love with this skirt. I have the co ordinated blouse also but I think I do prefer it as a stand alone piece, as it is pretty bold as it is It cinches in lovely around the waist and is just long enough without having to be concerned about flashing everyone every time you slightly move. The crop top was an easy, cool addition; teamed up with a necklace with the same fleck of duck egg blue and clear jelly shoes. Obviously the pineapple hair do was the best part about the entire ensemble I'm sure you'll agree... 


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    1. Thank you! They are insanely comfortable, I'm on the look out for some heeled ones now! True 90s kid!