Monday, 2 September 2013

Recent Purchase - Festival Ready...

So anyone who reads my blog, follows me on Twitter or Instagram, or who is my friend on Facebook will know that I'm going to Bestival on Thursday and am so ridiculously excited! This will be the first festival I've been to, and from stories I've heard it's sure to be a good one! I've just packed my bag of outfits for the weekend. I'm not entirely sure what I need at all so thus far I've packed clothes, shoes, baby wipes, alcohol and crisps. Sounds good to me.

So my recent purchase could only be a pair of wellies! Everyone knows that with the unpredictable British weather you CANNOT go to a festival without a pair of trusty wellies! 




Despite the fact that everyone this year has opted for ankle wellies, I'm still sticking with my guns and rocking the high boots. I LOVE these Boohoo beauties. The main thing that drew me to them is that they aren't the shiny tacky welly material, they are actually leather look boots that are waterproof - much more stylish if you ask me. The little diamant√© buckles around the ankle just add a little bling to an otherwise plain boot. I cannot wait to don these with my tartan skirt at the weekend - I'll be sure to show you all in my festival style diary when I'm back. Hopefully il find time to whack it up in the 9 hours between getting back from Bestival and jetting off to Zante! I'm tired just thinking about it! 


  1. SO jealous! The wellies are so cute, I am so suprised they are boohoo!


  2. I know! I was worried they might look cheap and tacky but they're actually much more like boots than wellies! Love them!