Sunday, 26 January 2014

Celine and PVC...

The first thing I feel the need to say is that as of tomorrow I shall have a proper camera, to do proper outfit posts instead of doing in the mirror selfies that turn out blurred and generally pretty crappy. It's no SLR, but it will definitely be a great improvement on the slightly battered iPhone. I've got to get this blogging mullarky right this time round and I guess that starts with good images, so we shall see where it goes from there. But as for today's, it is a crappy iPhone image, but let's try and forget that and focus on the slammin material that is PVC.

When I mentioned to my boyfriend about getting one, his response was 'I haven't seen PVC since a film set in the 60s, but I'm sure you'll rock it'... I was dubious because let's face it PVC/any kind of latex material is considered a bit kinky, out there, crazy but being the shopaholic I am I just had to have it and I tell you what I bloody love it. Teamed with a simple tee it just works. It's simple. It's not fussy. It is what it is. The fit is ridiculously flattering, I might wear it everyday - although does restrict walking abilities just a tad. The things we do for fashion aye. 


  1. Shoes <3

    Gorg outfit!


    1. Thank you! They were a summer sales bargain from Zara! You can NEVER go wrong with Zara heels, I think we all know that! X