Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Le Paris...

I'm definitely really far behind with this post as my boyfriend and I went to Paris in November, but I got some really beautiful photos that I had to share. We went for a whirlwind 4 days and it was absolutely manic trying to fit everything into that short space of time. I knew that was a lot to see, but I don't think I really grasped quite how much 'a lot' is. I definitely want to go back for a long weekend again and enjoy a slightly more laid back, possibly less rainy trip but we do everything we set out. 

The photographs say pretty much all that needs to be said, although there is one thing I feel the need to say. If you only had one night in Paris, make sure you spend it at the Moulin Rouge - it is absolutely out of this world incredible and well worth the £80 ticket. By far my favourite part of Paris, along with the copious amount of wine and sensational food on offer. Oh and you HAVE to go eat at Marguerite - but make sure you book a table otherwise you won't ever get to try the most delicious food your taste buds could experience! You have been warned. 

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