Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tangle Teezer Vs. The Wet Brush...

I've mentioned before that I absolutely swear by my Tangle Teezer! My hair gets very knotted and dry and frizzy and everything that you do not want your hair to be like, so anything I can do to try to protect it and take care of it I will do, hence the Tangle Teezer. However, recently I have discovered The Wet Brush and it absolutely kicks the Tangle Teezer's arse! Let's compare...

So the Tangle Teezer pros. It glides through the hair, skimming over all tangles, leaving hair soft and smooth. The cons. It is a bloody pain in the arse to hold. How does The Wet Brush beat it I hear you ask? Well for one it has a handle, like a normal brush, and therefore is much easier to use. Unlike the Tangle Teezer it does not simply 'skim over the tangles' it actually gets rid of them with minimal pain and pulling. This is due to the longer more flexible bristles in comparison to the Tangle Teezers short and stiff bristles. And best of all it is specifically designed for wet hair. One of the main rules of hair care is to not brush hair when it is wet as that is when it is most likely to cause damage. And best of all it's cheaper! My Tangle Teezer has now been demoted to the bottom of my beauty box, though previously in my search to photograph it for this post I did in fact find it under the drivers seat of my car. Well and truly replaced. 

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