Monday, 3 February 2014

Matilda the Musical...

I am a huge fan of musicals, I mean huge! I love them. Cannot get enough. It is one of my aims in life to see every West End musical in existence and I'm going for it! Most recently I went to see Matilda and it exceeded my expectations above and beyond! I mean I knew it was going to be good, I love the film (who doesn't) but my mind just couldn't comprehend how they could possibly turn it into a West End show full of music and dance and everything that the film isn't. But they did. And it is brilliant. 

The children are excellent actors and singers and dancers and everything that a musical requires. The songs, written by Tim Minchin, are ridiculously catchy and the MAN who plays Miss Trunchbull is out of this world hilarious. It's brilliant for all ages, I loved it, the middle aged man next to me was not afraid to show just how much he loved it (as irritating as that was after 3 hours) and the school trip of primary children sat behind me definitely loved it - one so much so that he sang along to every single song and then proclaimed 'that was sick fam' - I think that covers the spectrum of possible viewers. 

If you're in London and want to catch a show I'd definitely recommend it, and if you have an hour to spare before hand you HAVE to check out The Hawksmoor just a few minutes round the corner in Covent Garden. It is by far the best steakhouse ever and they do a brilliant 'pre and post theatre' offer of a 3 course meal for £26, and you'd be more than happy paying double that! 

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